I’m Dina Litovsky, a Ukrainian-born, NYC-raised professional photographer who has been in the industry for more than a decade, working with publications like National Geographic, TIME, New Yorker, GQ and The New York Times. I have an MFA in Photography, a degree in Psychology and a background in Art History, and I combine all of them to make this newsletter come to life.

My assignments have taken me from night streets of Buenos Aires to big wave surfing in San Francisco to fashion week in Paris. You can take a look at a decade's worth of personal and editorial projects on my website and Instagram.

Every week I send out newsletters where I share my insights into the world of a professional photographer, reveal backstage secrets and stories behind shoots. I discuss the creative process, editing work and navigating the editorial world. I also share all the things that make me tick and inspire me to create, from photography to art to music.


This newsletter isn't just for professional photographers or engaged hobbyists, but everyone curious about our current visual culture. There are many blogs on photography that focus on the HOW (cameras, lenses, settings) but I will be exploring the WHY — intent, meaning, creativity and inspiration. This space is an ongoing dialogue about the art and craft of creating and thinking about images.


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